Thursday, June 28, 2012

Facebook 'Likes' and Blog 'Followers'

I’m trying to learn how the world of social media works. Younger people take all of this in their stride, but this Facebook stuff still makes me feel like a bit of a dunce. I don’t fully understand its structure (it seems very messy to me) and I'm cautious about doing much 'posting' in case mayhem breaks out. 

My confusion has been that my 'writing' Facebook page (its URL is runs off my personal Facebook page (its URL is . To date, I've been unsure whether people have elected to become my 'personal' friend or my friend as an author. Today I took a giant step forward by deciding to distinguish the two. I'm now using my own 'portrait' photo only on the personal page, and I've renamed the other page 'Louise Wilson, Author', with a 'logo' image replacing my picture.

The experts keep advising website owners and bloggers to interlink with Facebook and Twitter (the latter is not my scene - yet!) and I always wondered why, until I realised the potential power of 'Like' votes, and 'Followers'.

My 'ah hah' moment started with the Dennis family, for which group I have a WEBPAGE   and a BLOG The blog provides for (irregular) updates related to ‘From Buryan to Bondi’. My website ranks highly on Google (a pleasing result which everyone with a website aims to achieve) and the site statistics for my Dennis blog prove that it has a substantial  readership. However, no-one from the public would know that, without some kind of evidence.

That is when I began to try to understand the world of 'Likes', and 'Followers'. I've discovered that these numbers are becoming increasingly important to prove your ‘credibility’ in the online world, a world of crucial significance to authors, since so many people now buy their books over the internet. In a crowded market place, I need to demonstrate publicly that I have a loyal following of readers.

Trouble is - once you expose yourself to the glare of measurement, you have to measure up. So far, my published statistics look very sad. My readership base far exceeds that which is indicated by my current levels of 35 ‘Likes’ and a handful of ‘Followers’. SO - I’d really appreciate it if you would act on the following requests (if you've not already done so) –

1.       If you have a Facebook account, while you have Facebook 'open', I invite you to click on to my WEBPAGE   and then click on the ‘Like’ button (bottom left hand side). The counter should immediately move up by one. I will receive a message from Facebook. I will then try to send you a message of thanks, which seems to be an easier process if I am also your 'Friend' on Facebook. So, if you are not already my 'Friend', I'm happy if you send me a 'Friend' request at the same time.

2.       Likewise, if you have a Google account (ie a gmail address), a Twitter account or a Yahoo account, and you are interested in receiving an occasional update relevant to Dennis family history, I invite you to click on to the top right hand side of this blog screen and sign up as a member. I'm still learning about the implications of 'following', but as far as I’m aware of the process, you won’t be deluged with messages, due to my infrequent postings to the Dennis blog.

(NOTE - You can also sign up by joining Google and obtaining a new gmail address. It doesn’t mean you have to use this address - I have a gmail email address myself which I don’t actually use.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out by clicking on the 'Like' or 'Follower' buttons. Alerting friends and family to support my 'cause' would also be a big help.  

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